Dada or dada, also Dadaism, n. A Western European artistic or literary movement (1916-23) that sought the discovery of authentic reality through the abolition of traditional cultural and aesthetic forms by a technique in which irrationality, chance, and intuition were the guiding principles.
Neo- pref. 1. New, recent: neolithic. 2.a. New and different: neoimpressionism. b. New and abnormal: neoplasm.
--American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition
For example:
"And I am far more terrible than you, my sister."
But is it poetry?
The Doctor is In.
William Safire comments on the "Phantom Alliance" in order to have more room for migrating guests.
Funny how none of them mean "ugly and stupid." DADA is not a political party. Vote straight DADA party line.
Where am I?
It's been a long September, and there's reason to believe.... You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
    Make of these hearts one heart...
This picture isn't worth any words at all. An in-depth textual examination
Warlord Warlord Bitter
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