Everything seems completely realistic. I push off the ground and start flying.
A bunch of people, including me, are stuck in a hotel when the world suddenly goes screwy.
I spot a shop selling Ma Jong pieces on the other side of the street and point them out to the others, although I accidentally call them "Mo Huilan" pieces.
I piece together some other bits of evidence and discover that my "helper" is the one who killed me. No idea why.
There are jagged edges, and steps (like on a staircase) and all manner of weird stuff. The captain of the transport spells out extremely strict rules about where we're supposed to stand, what we're allowed to say, etc.
For some reason, I'm planning on sneaking in later.
To prevent something Very Bad from happening, a bunch of friends and I have to make this mixture of ingredients and throw them into a lake in Florida.
One of the bad guys is right near me, and I'm unarmed. Legend has it, that when two people sit on a bus together, a telepathic link will be sometimes forged between them that lasts for a day. The strength of said link depends on how far back they are sitting.
I'm having a conversation with a spoon. It keeps asking me to do errands for it.
I shove a finger through my hand (it takes a few tries, but I do it).
We talk with her as she's going through an obstacle course-type thing. She's torn between Women's PE and advertising.
I'm working for a gangster (sometimes I am the gangster-I have some identity problems) who is organizing a marine battle in the lobby of a hotel.
I'm finding a bunch of secret stuff.
A little while later, a policeman pulls up. He gets out of his car and mentions to me that the guy I gave a ticket to has several other tickets already. He's wondering whether the guy really deserves another.
We're parked in a parking lot, watching what looks like a tornado on the horizon. I get out of the car to take a closer look. It is indeed a tornado, and it's coming straight towards me. I figure maybe they eat algae. (which is weird, because she's on foot and we're driving)
I try it out a couple of times, launching myself off a balcony while holding it over my head.
In the scene, a man is coming home. It starts out reasonably. But the man describes his wife twice--and the descriptions are utterly different. The guy I'm talking to blames this on the performer who improvized the scene.
We're carrying big cans of something, and hiking up a steep hill. I demonstrate how to put on a sweater when it's extremely windy (by aligning the sweater parallel to the wind so that the wind holds the sleeves out for you.) (I'm not in this dream at all as far as I can tell, just watching it) (which, in this ending, we had put in a box with lots of other envelopes)