A chicken in every pot and a dictator in every home.

DADA believes in the old-fashioned principle of sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

Der Uberdada wants your vote.

If elected, der Uberdada pledges to appoint randomly selected people to all cabinet positions.

DADA kept us out of war.

Der Uberdada will build a huge net along the Mexican border to keep illegal alien "migratory" birds from eating our nation's birdseed.

DADA wants to revitalize our outer-city slums.

Der Uberdada is dead. Long live der Uberdada.

DADA is not a political party. Vote straight DADA party line.

Dadacracy is the purest form of government.

DADA supports equal rights for used-car salesmen.

DADA opposes government subsidies for gumball machines.

Vote DADA and you'll never know what your government is going to do next.

Congress is DADA. Parliament is DADA. The School Board is DADA.

Der Uberdada is a public figure behind the scenes.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the persuit of chaos.