'Vot you vant, a kish?' he replied, putting his offer in action as well as in his language.

Assume that the production system is of the sort in which the production rules are ordered and the action to be executed is the action associated with the highest rule whose condition is satisfied.

The trace is an important invariant of the conjugacy class of a matrix which is studied in advanced linear algebra.

In particular, diffeomorphisms of S1 are more interesting, since the circle permits non-trivial recurrence while the real line does not.

The candle, by the light of which she had been reading that book filled with anxieties, deceptions, grief, and evil, flared up with a brighter flicker, lit up for her all that had been dark, crackled, began to flicker, and went out forever.

Whether referred to orally or in notation, therefore, a pitch syllable indicates no precise pitch.

Levi fell silent and wondered whether the thunderstorm about to envelop Yershalaim would have any effect on poor Yeshua's fate. And as he gazed at the streaks of fire that were splitting open the stormcloud, he begged for the lightning to strike Yeshua's post.

In the paragraphs you have just read, the topic sentence is the first sentence. This is its usual position, and often its most effective one. A topic sentence at the beginning tells the reader what the paragraph is going to be about.

In considering the developments following the slaughter, it is important to remember that the usual transition from one generation to the next did not take place in the interwar period.

It might be noted in passing that the right kind of metrical information is not provided simply by quantizing the relevant physical magnitude and having a transducer generate a unique symbol to encode the identity of each quantum.

Input to the hippocampus from other neocortical areas comes along a group of axons known as the perforant path.

Aside from all organizational innovations, things went so well because I applied the methods of democratic economic leadership. The democracies were on principle committed to placing trust in the responsible businessmen as long as that trust was justified.

...that is not genuine criticism, but may be recognized as the callow offspring of a too recent contact with reality.

So Goffman argues that social interactions are governed and made intelligible by the parties involved implicitly agreeing to treat each other as if they had certain identities; he refers to the implied contract as a working consensus.

The distinctive play styles of the two sexes manifest themselves in the distinctive cultures that develop within boys' groups and girls' groups as the children grow older. Much has been written concerning the kinds of games and other activities that occupy boys' groups and girls' groups, the kinds of friendships that are formed, and so forth.

After the descriptive phrase, add any information needed to clarify the figure: A reader should not have to refer to the text to decipher the figure's message.

If you break a sentence up into smaller pieces you can use various tunes in the middle of the sentence. If you are listing things, you can use the same rise-fall tune you use with yes-no questions, e.g. on mujskovo and on jenskovo, above.

Though no sufficient organic bases exist, these people sincerely believe their symptoms are real and serious. They should not be confused with peple who feign physical illness in order to gain some specific objective (malingering), or those with factitious disorders, in which symptoms are feigned in order to satisfy the psychological need to assume and maintain a sick role.

Gods, my gods! How sad the earth--this subsequently very famous paragraph was written when Bulgakov knew he was going to die of nephrosclerosis, the same disease which had killed his father at almost the same age. The paragraph's ending, "knowing that death alone...," was apparently deliberately left unfinished by Bulgakov who dictated it to his wife.

All known languages include terms to distinguish boys from girls and men from women.

On September 21, I handed Hitler my letter at headquarters. He recieved it without a word and looked through it. Then, still without replying, he pressed the signal button and handed the document to his adjutant, telling him to pass it on to Bormann.

Suppose that, to set out some issues, we transpose the question of transduction from the domain of organisms to that of computers.

The ascendancy of the left wing in the Labor party, combined with Margaret Thatcher's domination of the Conservatives, polarized British politics to a degree that concerned moderates in both parties.
A good check on how well a person grasps and understands instructions is for him to repeat them aloud to the porson who gave them. Obviously, this is not practical when a teacher has given instrictions to a whole class.

Suppose we had a measure of people's general attitude toward losing weight, and we wanted to know if that attitude related to their weight-losing behavior. What behavior should we look at? There are many different specific ways of losing weight.

Double-space all reference entries. (Although some theses and dissertations use single-spaced reference lists, single-spacing is not acceptable for manuscripts submitted to journals or books because it does not allow space for copyediting and typesetter's marks.)