Why am I having these recurring dreams about Lenin?
question by Dan Harris-Warrick, answer by an anonymous incarnation
The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply. Your question was:

> Oh Oracle most wise, who knows more about the human psyche than Freud,
> Jung and Dr. Ruth put together, please tell this lowly supplicant...
> I've been having this recurring dream where I'm straddling the
> preserved body of Vladimir Lenin, screaming "Take me, Vladdie, like the
> wild sex machine of a communist dictator that you are!"
> What's up with that?

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} Baroness Thatcher !
} It is indeed a pleasure to hear from you. I often thought, during
} your time as Prime Minister of Britain, that it would be nice if you
} dropped me a line from time to time, but then, you never were known
} for seeking the advice of others.
} So, you're having those dreams again, only this time it's Lenin.
} Well, that's an improvement I must say, the menage-a-troi with Mao
} and Stalin was a particularly disturbing image.
} The theme is quite clear, isn't it. Sex with brutal dictators who
} managed to hold power until the end of their lives.
} Clearly you are having difficulty dealing with your status as a
} failed dictator, and you feel that by having sex with the 'greats'
} in the field, you can regain some of your lost vigor, sieze power, and
} this time there'll be no more Mrs Nice Guy. Set up some extermination
} camps to get rid of those troublesome unionists and civil-libertarians,
} and ensure your rule for life.
} Sorry Maggie, but you've missed the boat. Opportunity knocks but once,
} your chance to win a place in the pantheon of truly great dictators
} has gone, you'll always be an also-ran, along with De Gaulle, Nixon,
} and that really annoying librarian at the local high-school.
} Deal with it, bitch.
} You owe The Oracle an apology for the poll-tax.

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