Why can't I get my *&)^(*&^ router to let my server work?
question by Dan Harris-Warrick, answer by an anonymous incarnation
The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply. Your question was:

> Oh Oracle, you are highly knowledgable in the ways of technology, so
> surely you can tell this poor supplicant...
> Why can't I get my *&)^(*&^ router to let my server work?

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} Yes, that particular brand of router has a reputation for not working
} properly. OK, here's what you do:
} 1. Using a #4 Pozidriv screwdriver, remove the screws holding the
} router's cover. Don't worry about the warning label saying "No
} user-servicable parts inside; warranty void if opened" - who are you
} going to listen to - me or them?
} 2. Using the special service tool gently remove the klystron tube from
} its mounting. If you don't have the special service tool, don't worry -
} a Polish 5-zloty coin is exactly the same shape and can be used instead.
} 3. With the klystron removed you have access to the Carnot engine.
} Check to see that this has the red stripe at the outermost end - the end
} furthest from the Turing machine. If not, carefully unsolder it using an
} old screwdriver heated on a gas stove (caution: do not use a soldering
} iron as these emit vibrations which might uncalibrate the engine) and
} resolder it in the correct position.
} 4. If you reversed the Carnot engine, you will also need to invert the
} bus polarity of the bit-stream convertor. This is done, obviously, by
} connecting the syntactic parser to the random-number generator, rather
} than the other way around.
} 5. Finally, re-insert the klystron tube, re-attach the cover (you don't
} need to use all the screws, of course) and turn the power back on again.
} Um. You *did* turn the power off first, didn't you?
} You owe The Oracle a service manual for Babbage's difference engine.

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